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Includes a FREE printable!

Each year my daughter and I delight in coming up with a Christmas theme for the old brick fireplace! This year we based it around a rustic/vintage look and designed these gorgeous letters to make a Christmas 'wish' garland. A few people have asked where we got the letters from so I thought I'd share the file we custom designed. If you'd like to make your own garland you can download a FREE printable of these letters below.

0 UPDATES YOU Make your own 'WISH' garland with these custom designed vintage letters.

We just printed these at home, then glued them onto thicker card - the thicker the better.

Next, we hung up some Kraft Twine across the fireplace and simply attached the letters with small wooden pegs. You could use paper clips, tape or thread the twine through holes in the top of the card.

Learning curve #1 - Use a glue stick to stick adhere the letters to the card. We used PVA and I think it was the extra moisture that caused the card to then curve. (We fixed this by hot glue gunning some 'splints' onto the back to straighten them after they curled up a bit. ) Shhh noone would know unless they turn the cards over that there is wooden cutlery glued to the back! :-)

Note: If you print these at 'actual size' then each letter is 16 x 22.5cm, fitting 1 per page on an A4 size piece of paper.

Download your FREE copy of the Wish letters here.


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