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"You never get second chance to make a first impression."


Your brand is the visual representation for your business so it is usually the first thing people see and can be the make and break of booking a new client or selling a product. If your brand and website looks unkept, out of date, unrefined or sloppy then this is probably what the first impression of your business as whole will be. 

When you're just starting out in business, or are small to medium sized it isn't always feasible to have your own marketing assistant. I like to think that's where I come in! Whilst I do one-off projects I love to establish a relationship with your brand and business so that you can call on me for those marketing and graphic design needs. I like to pride myself on an efficient turnaround time and personal service, which I achieve through good communication and never taking on more than I can chew at once!

I live in rural Southland and have clients all over New Zealand and a growing international market. Get in touch and let's work together to give your brand the attention it deserves!

Image by Domenico Loia
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